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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Sunday, 12 July 2009 2:10 pm

Music: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy by Hey! Say! JUMP
Featuring: Hey! Say! JUMP *Hey! Say! 7 at the top, Hey! Say! BEST below :D*
Rants: My brother is crazy. (-.-)

alrights! we're going to the COSFEST later on (: and i've not yet have my lunch (o.o') after the POSB thingy, i walked home and slept (x.x) anyway, at the POSB thingy, we were like so HIGH! :D me and jiayan was fooling around xD anyway, we changed in front of everyone :B MUWAHAHAHAHS! it's called, the arts of changing clothes :D nahh we didn't flash :D than there were obscene scenes of jiayan and sandy, disgusting me and isabel (o.o') anyway let's happily skip that part :x than me and jiayan went paranoid, and we acted like we're on the motorcycle :D and jiayan 'drove', while i was the passenger :D and we went a little crazy :D than i went really high when the little children started their 1.6km run! xD they are so adorable! i wanted to just attack them with hugs :x *muwahahahs!* than me and isabel was shouting and all xD and WE SAW MR CHAN RUNNING THE 3.5KM! and i was shouting and waving jiayan for some unknown reason :D *probably she's the nearest person to me?* anyway, after that we went crazy and ran back to the finishing point and than! we walked to CP :D so fun (: than after that i went home~ and sleep :x alrights! i need to bathe~