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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Monday, 27 July 2009 5:46 pm

Mood: WOO! :D
Music: NYC by NYC Boys
Extras: Joined twitter and updated my LJ! :D

okay, school is totally boring today (-.-) ST's today and what with all the teacher's mind? first, monday is Social Studies's ST, than tomorrow's Maths test, than Wednesday is Chemistry's Periodic Table test and Thursday is Physics's Kinematics test and Friday, maths test again (-.-) it's totally idiotic, seriously.yeap, who dont agree that our teachers are going cookoo? :\ but at least Hey! Say! JUMP is cheering me :D *or pulling my moods down idk* I FOUND THE AUDIO FOR THE WHOLE CONCERT! :D OMG! :x it's amazing! :D but i dont really understand it :O so ... i'll wait for the DVD to come out :D muwahahaha~ I THINK I HEARD THE PERSON WHO PLAYED ICHIGO IN BURICHIMYU IN THE CONCERT AUDIO! :O *laughs* and i'm so going to buy their SINGLES when it comes out :D if it comes out and! i'm addicted to STRAWBERRY FLAVORED HELLO PANDA! :D wahahahaha! i want moar! :x i'm going to do my maths soon :O and SS HBL :\ ouch, my ears hurt because of the screaming fangirls (x.x)