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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 7 July 2009 7:15 pm

Mood: KYAAAA! :D
Music: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy by Hey! Say! JUMP
Featuring: YamaJima in Ultra Music Power PV :D

okay! today was eventful? (o.o') woke up and drank coffee~ *which has no use* and well, got ready for school :O i almost bashed my way through the road (-.-) i was kindda dizzy there (o.o') hahahahaha~ than went up to the class feeling soooo ... humiliated (o.o') *laughs* apparently, i was hyped up in the morning :D Geography was hilarious because, jiayan was my constant amusment :B our fav. topic is ... nevermind, let's skip that part of the day :x and i told jiayan about how BRAVE i was during the long weekends :D and so, she'll have to do it when her phone comes back :D hehehs~ than went up for english :O apparently, i was so called 'spared' from handing up the journal today, because we have to do another one (-.-) *freak it.* and than well, it was maths (: i was listening, i think (o.o') than recess was BAKE RICE TIME! :D than after recess, i was like ... *zzzzzzz* and so i snoozed most part of that hour ): and i woke up during BIOLOGY! :D because it's my fav. subject than we're talking about blood type (o.o') SHI LEE'S C! :D *laughs* than chemistry was secretly happy :D friends who know, shhhhhh! :x than went to do geo (o.o')

after that was like whatever (-.-) piano sucks as usual D: because sightseeing sucks big time. and Mr Chan Chee Zheng is constantly teasing me like hell these days (o.o') okays, skip. mummy's nagging (-.-) cant understand how she can nag and nag (-.-)