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Perching On The Soul
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i'm DOWN ):
Date: Friday, 17 July 2009 1:45 pm

Mood: Not really good. ):
Music: Chance to Change by Hey! Say! JUMP
Weather: Too Good ):
Loading: Restaurant City
Miscellaneous: Day 40 &couting.

Sometimes, Love is what gets you going. But other times, it just hurts.

today, i reached the class earlier than sandy and celine! *technically* anyway, it's a hot hot day and somethings happened last night that made me quite sad and an emocar today ): look carefully, you'll see that i look like ulqqilala~ anyway, i was just like a zombie the whole day? (o.o') probably. big notice:
i was sexually harassed by that molester (x.x) she's plain evil! saying that she likes to make me shout (o.o') okay, that came out a little wrong PE was plain torture (-.-) me and xin ying was "strolling" :D along with cassandra :B ohh! and we played frisbee! :D not like i've touched it and there was once sing yee threw the frisbee all the was to the other side and yu xiang caught it! (o.o!) than everyone was like, "WAHHHH!?" that was like really cool :D

after PE, all of us were stationed out side the canteen's corridor, and after the bell rang, all of us was like "CHIONG UHH!" than i bought my baked rice in a flash :D MUWAHAHAHAHA! and i found out about something of someone that makes me think that that someone is really cute (: chee zheng, if you dont understand this part, you can kindly ask and i'll explain xD *LAUGH* than maths, I PASSED MY TRIGO TEST! :D anyway, i feel really sad/emo/suicidal/depressed etc. now ): argh. i just want to know how you feel