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Chitra needs extra computer lessons. >[
Date: Wednesday, 15 July 2009 6:06 pm

Mood: HAPPY! &tired.
Music: One Love by Arashi
Random Facts: Isabel found out that there's TWO Tay Yu Xiang in our school during recess! *one in sec3, and one in sec5*

ohh no i just found out that i lost to a bet with jiayan (-.-) NEVERMIND! school was alright? it was POURING in the morning! :O thankq Fenella for sharing your umbrella :D walked with Jamie to class :D than went to class and settled down :D Isabel and Jiayan was in our class~ ,s>i know your miss me~ than got the POSB Charity run certificate from Adeline later on xD than it was all the same :O it was extreamly cold in the morning too :0 than classes was monotonous :O it passed so slowly~ recess was a bliss~ :D than let's skip chem. because i'm bound to fail my test ): ohh! and i was dozing off during maths? (o.o') the graphs are ... OMG. than LCE was absolutly fun :D we did that LION LAMB LOBSTER thing :D i'm lobster! so is half of the class! :D we were to, "List down activities that you can do together without having sex." soooo~ i did finish that and Ms Teng called me to help her with the heading (o.o') wrote and well, complied everything with Farah, Esther, Tammy and Yi Min's help! :D so fun with them (: *very funny~*

Biology was wow. Mr Sara disected the sheep's heart! :O omg! i was disgusted? :x sooooo terrible :x but i touched it anyway :x and i'm able to label the different parts of the heart! :D YAY! :D than went home for HBL :x Chitra need extra lessons for computer because she uploaded it several times and failed (-.-) letting us freak out each other in MSN :x *laughs*