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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Tuesday, 28 July 2009 8:42 pm

Mood: Tired? :\
Music: Truth by Arashi

sandy agrees that Ryo-chan is cute :D *squeals* she pointed out that she thinks Yabu is cute too :D all of them are cute, dont you think so? anyway, it was boring in school D: cant i have an MC? D: arghhh! D: Ms Teng never come today~ so Chemistry was free period for us :D and Biology involves me and Shi Lee searching for empty water bottles in the dustbin (-.-) argh D: and i burst a balloon :D *warning: never step on balloons in class, they stare* i burst a balloon and it's real loud and suddenly everyone was quite (o.o') sooo pai sei (x.x) and the whole day was full of random stuffs :o and! English is totally boring (-.-) i was sleeping through the ... lesson (o.o') and tomorrow, physics is the first period, great. D: and Hey! Say! JUMP is going to have a Fall Concert! :D how cool is that? :D and Guides annual cookie sales is coming! :D BUY FROM ME NOT SANDY! :x *laughs*