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Perching On The Soul
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Date: Wednesday, 1 July 2009 2:21 pm

Mood: JA-JAAN! :D
Music: Deep Night Kimi Omou by Hey! Say! JUMP
Featuring: Arioka Daiki's "JA-JAAN! UWA MECCHA POMPOM ITAI!" :D *Ta-daa! My tummy hurts so much!* & Yamada Ryosuke's "JOHN! USO DARO! Minna de PO-PO!" :D *John! No Way! Everyone, let's toot-toot!* play the second video and get what i mean :D

i'm being all lame (o.o') but Arioka Daiki comes in 2nd on hotness list! :D together with Nakajima Yuto :D Arioka Daiki is number 1 in Hey! Say! BEST :D *because Yama-chan is in Hey! Say! 7 :x* okay~ i'm half way through my physics only! ): i should seriously chiong now (-.-) good idea :O and i need to like chiong my chinese too :O and well, i dont think i'm well yet :O because i'm having difficulties in breathing, unfortunatly ): hope i'll be in school tomorrow? I scared my fever come back attack and i'll be sent home (-.-) that's bad :O and i seriously need to stop using Plurk :O i think i'm getting addicted to posting lame things on it (o.o') *laughs* if i am in school today ... i'll still be in class, waiting for the last hour of biology to pass (o.o') yeap yeap :\ and there's chinese tomorrow too ): so i still have to hand up my chinese Jian Bao ): boo hoo D: and Friday there's PE :O i feel like going down and get a letter of excuse from PE for Friday (o.o') HAHAHAHAHA! but dont really matter now because i pass my NAPFA! :D hohohohs! (:

ohh yes! i'm despo to level up my pet society :P and Jun Liang! i've linked you up! :D and it's magic that i found you on Plurk :B hohohohs! :P i'm a genius! :D

- Yamada Riko.