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Perching On The Soul
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First day of school, and Guides carnival and alittle Yama-chan rants (:
Date: Monday, 29 June 2009 6:58 pm

Mood: Sick ):
Music: Perfume by Yamada Ryosuke
Video featuring: Yamada Ryosuke's letter and Solo, "Perfume"

Okay, something's really wrong with the blogger's picture uploader (-.-) *smashes com* it's the start of the next half of the year and i'm so not excited! yay! *heavily loaded sarcasm* anyway, i think they are trying to scare us or something in the morning (-.-) all of us used the same gate, and the teachers are lined up altogether and wearing mask (o.o') and i was like ... ' what the hell?' and it's scary (o.o') jiayan commented that it's like walking on the red carpet (o.o') *ROFL* anyway, i was 'argh'-ing in my head for the whole day (o.o') apparently, we're to sit with our classes during recess now (-.-) how paranoid is that? and the recess is spread out :O lesser people buying things xD *laughs*

and the time table is terrible (T-T) my PE is on friday! :O same period as jiayan's class (: YAHOOIEE (: jiayan say we change together (o.o') than she was ranting away, saying same cubical as me, than say dont want, want same cubical as sandy safer, cause she say i'll rape her (o.o') than i told sandy, "I think there's a higher chance that i'll get raped by her, not i rape her." and sandy agrees :P hahahahaha! and jiayan! I'M BETTER ADMIT IT! :P and i think Farah is really happy to get back to school xD *winks* and well, i'm officially sick ): i'm sneezing like no body's tai ji and i'm having a sore throat and cough ): and head ache :O and i think i sense a fever coming ): OMG! Influenze A's symptoms! ): mummy says if i'm still not alright tomorrow morning, i dont have to go to school! :D yahoo! :x but i can vision a trip to the doctor yea :O

and yes! i was laughing at christmine, the chocolate vampire xD during Guides carnival, she, isabel and me drank the remaining chocolate of our chocolate foundue :B she drank the most! :O and she's really nice to poke and bully :B so i was like poking her all the way :B and Ms suraiya took a really unglam photo of her ! xD i went violent on her just to keep her still :P lol :x sorry! :x but really, she's terribly cute :D and she's a perv! :x i was changing on the bus and she keep staring (-.-) i put on my OBS tee before stripping okay! no nude no nude :P hahaha! and the teachers were like ... 'HOW THE HELL YOU CHANGE?!? YOU'RE SITTING BESIDE THE WINDOW!!!' *laughs* :B that day was eventful :D

-Yamada Riko